Matthew Keys supports the following charities:

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
The EFF advocates for the reformation of laws and statutes with respect to technological advancements and progress. The tagline of the EFF is “Defending Your Rights in the Digital World.”
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Freedom of the Press Foundation
The Freedom of the Press Foundation defends the rights of journalists around the world who are pushing for accountability and transparency in the darkest corners of the globe.
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War Child USA
War Child advocates for the education of women and children affected by conflict in war-torn parts of the world. The charity has served families in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan (Syria conflict), Congo, Uganda and South Sudan. The charity also operates in the Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
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Center for Investigative Journalism
The Center for Investigative Journalism (commonly known as Reveal) produces news stories and radio documentaries that serve the public interest. The organization specializes in reports on surveillance, public health, government, criminal justice and the environment.
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Public Radio and Television Broadcasters
Public radio and television stations serve communities with locally-produced public affairs shows and news reports along with nationally-produced educational and informational programming from a variety of distributors including the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio (NPR), American Public Media (APM), Public Radio International (PRI), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Deutsche Welle and other non-profit broadcasters. Matthew Keys has supported the following public broadcasters:
KXJZ Sacramento | KQED San Francisco | KCRW Santa Monica | WNYC New York City | KVIE Sacramento | WBEZ Chicago